Be a future leader with American Express Saudi Arabia In the change of Society being led by Saudi Youth

At American Express, we empower young Saudi talent and provide them with the development path towards the Future Managers Program, which aims to build and perfect competent professional that will take the lead in key positions at American Express.
The program provides on-the-job training, which allows trainees the opportunity to acquire professional skills through various department exposures to help them build relevant work knowledge and allows them to work on tasks related to their specialties. The program enables future american express leaders to to place all academics knowledge into action.

Program Content:

Program Duration: A training period of one year.
On-the-job Training: Practical applications of theoretical aspects through a wide range of theoritical and skill based workshops.
Professional Certificates: Trainees will be encourage to acheive proffesional and rtechinical certification programs.
Developing Work Related Skills: acquiring functional skills such as: time management, teamwork, relationship building, and analytical thinking.
Majors: Business management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Risk Assessment, Entrepreneurship, Law, Information Technology.

Selection Criteria:
  1. One Year on job training.
  2. Fresh Saudi Graduate.
  3. Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.
  4. Accredited by the Saudi ministry of higher education.
  5. GPA requirement is 3 out of 4 or 3.5 out of 5.

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